So, you think that a literature writer could not discover the unique possible cure for schizophrenia, psychosis, hysteria and all mental illnesses?

This is because you don’t know that scientists would never be able to fight against craziness when they discover the hidden monster everyone inherits in the wild part of their brain. The deeper truth is that many scientists have already discovered the wild monster, but never came back to prove their discoveries to the world because they were completely dominated by the absurd content.

Why could only a literature writer escape from craziness while facing the wild demon hidden in the anti-conscience, our primitive conscience, which is still alive inside us, and keeps trying to destroy our human side?

Because a literature writer was humble enough to admit her ignorance and recognize her own absurdity. Humble enough to precisely obey to the directions she was receiving from the wise and saintly unconscious mind, which produces our dreams with the intention to save us from craziness and despair.

Literature, philosophy and theology were indispensable for the person who would discover the tragic truth about the human origin, for many reasons.

Only literature would give her enough courage to bear all suffering with heroism. Only philosophy would explain to her the mystery she was discovering, and only religiosity would give her the indispensable faith in the power of sanctity against evil.

Science alone would only show her the truth, without giving her the salvation.

The truth is too complex and needs too many explanations in order to be completely understood, after being discovered.

This is why I, the literature writer who discovered our demonic origin, had to wait 19 years before I could present to the world the result of my research, and the result of many cures carried on through dream interpretation according to the scientific method.

Would a scientist agree to continue studying and studying, without seeing any compensation for so many efforts during so many years?

Would a scientist agree to wait so long, while helping so many desperate people entirely free of charge?

No, and no.

This is why the truth about the human nature could not be discovered by a scientist, but had to be discovered by someone who would obey to God’s directions given through the unconscious mind, for many years, without revolt.