How is Toughness Built?

I am a big fan of mental and physical toughness. Every man will tell you they are physically and mentally tough but their lifestyle contradicts their belief. I have heard people comment on the high rep training that I do, and how boring it seems. They are right; it is boring and downright physically and mentally painful.

My question is how do you build toughness? You don’t build toughness staying in your comfort zone or quitting at what experts call failure. Toughness is always built through pain and constant perseverance. You just can’t build toughness without pain and suffering.

Most people need to follow a cult to workout they need people cheering them on, anyone can do well when you have cheerleaders. But to put yourself in a mentally and physically tough situation on purpose is border line sick.

Anyone can work out and do things when they are having fun, it’s when the fun stops when people QUIT! But they will almost always make excuses for QUITTING!

The fact is most times they are just soft and are not willing to go through pain to achieve anything outside of their mindset if they can’t see it no one else can do it.

When I do a lot of my workouts I know they will be tough and I can’t stand the thought of doing them sometimes, then I have to talk myself up with some tough talk and go and do it and get the job done.

So when I hear how boring high rep training is useless it is usually from people that can’t stand pain, people that lack concentration and focus, ones that have an attention span of a five year old.

You can be a physically strong man but be weak mentally. If you are the type of person that has everything handed to them and was coddled, you are probably weak. You can always tell the weak ones, they are the ones that comment with excuse after excuse.

The ones that will tell you why the ones that will tell you not everyone is like that, no… but if you are commenting and making excuses but making them look like you’re giving me your educated opinion you are probably one of the weak, there is never an excuse for being weak, but society say’s different. Like the old saying goes, “Only the Strong Shall Survive”.